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It is common to suffer from aches and pains in the body from your lifestyle and occupation.

What Is 
All About?

Physiotherapy works to maintain and promote people’s health, particularly when there is a problem related to pain or movement. Having physiotherapy acts to help people recover from their physical problems or their injuries, acting to improve their quality of life.

Physiotherapy works for people of all ages, helping people to manage their pain, remedying the cause of the pain or slowing the progression of chronic conditions.

So, whether you are living with a chronic illness, recovering from a work injury or suffering after that weekend sports game, physiotherapy can help you through decreasing pain, improving joint mobility, increasing strength and coordination and improved overall function without having to resort to medicines, drugs or surgeries to do so.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy treatments may involve, but are not limited to, therapeutic exercise and stretches to improve strength, range of motion and endurance and to correct postural and muscle imbalance. Proprioceptive retraining, electrotherapy, laser therapy, joint mobilisation, manipulation and soft tissue massage, as well as stretching and trigger point therapy may all be used to reduce stiffness and to relieve pain.

Benefits Of Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy treatments are not just for reducing pain in the body and putting its movements on the right track towards healing, but also to help remedy the cause of the pain. Physiotherapy helps ensure the issues do not keep reoccurring, becoming an ongoing chronic problem.  

Physiotherapy benefits your entire body. How do we achieve this at Advanced Recovery?

  • As an ACC best practice clinic, we will treat you in accordance with the highest standards, with a focus on your personal and cultural needs and requirements.
  • Through teaching you about your body and muscles, explaining why the injury or condition has occurred and then working in conjunction with you. We will provide treatment options, taking into consideration any reservations or requirements that you may have. Finally, in terms of weeks or number of physio sessions, we will give you an idea of how long it will probably take to be able to resolve the issue. This is to help ensure that not only do you understand the rationale behind the treatments, but to also allow you to be relaxed and comfortable during the visit. At Advanced Recovery we want you to have a good understanding of what to expect, not only from the treatment but also of when you can expect to have the condition resolved. We will also give you techniques for home to help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Onehunga Physio & Acupuncture Treatment in Auckland

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that can work together to help you resolve your health issues. We offer a combination of the best of traditional and innovative approaches for effective pain and rehabilitation treatment.