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Physiotherapy And Acupuncture

A Combined Approach For Musculoskeletal Issues

Advanced Recovery in Auckland was established by Daniel Henry, physiotherapist and Steve Olsen, licenced acupuncturist, in 2014. Both had been treating patients in the Onehunga area for many years and they saw that the combination of physiotherapy and acupuncture in one clinic in Auckland would allow them to offer the highest possible standard of care to all their patients.

Our Team

Daniel Henry

Daniel Henry

Auckland Physiotherapist

After graduating in 2007, Daniel’s aim was to be able to facilitate recovery and help the prevention of injuries for every patient, regardless of age, so they could meet their personal goals.

To help achieve these rehabilitation goals, Daniel has worked in a variety of musculoskeletal environments, including private practices, hospital, age care facilities and with younger people in a secondary school setting. 

His passion is sports, and to this end he has worked as a physiotherapist with both professional and non-professional teams both here and overseas. He has also worked with all age groups within the clubs and organisations. 

Always striving to do his best for every patient, Daniel draws from a variety of physiotherapy techniques, stays current with research and learns from other rehabilitation specialists.

Daniel believes in being open and honest with patients so they know what to expect with regards to realistic recovery timeframes and the levels of improvement they can look to expect. 

He truly believes that when there is good understanding and open lines of communication, it allows patients and physiotherapists to work together more constructively, and for lasting and meaningful changes to be made in a patient’s life.

Steve Olsen

Steve Olsen

Licensed Acupuncturist

Steve Olsen graduated from New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007, and he has been working in private practice ever since. 

He has continuously attended extensive training since graduation with many of the top practitioners in the world, including Wang Ju Yi, Toshikatsu Yamamoto, Wei Chieh Young, Thomas Myers, Matt Callison and many others.

Steve has completed the advanced Sports Medicine Acupuncture® training programme and is the the only certified Sports Medicine Acupuncture® specialist in Australasia. He is currently also in the process of undertaking the Anatomy Trains training programme. 

Although Steve specialises in treating musculoskeletal conditions, he is experienced in treating a wide range of other conditions as well.

Physio & Acupuncture Treatment in Auckland

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that can work together to help you resolve your health issues. From our Onehunga physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic we offer a combination of the best of traditional and innovative approaches for effective pain and rehabilitation treatment.

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